Accepted Papers

#2 Using Scan-Statistical Correlations for Network Change Analysis

Adriel Cheng, Peter Dickinson and Adriel Cheng

#3 Predicting High Impact Academic Papers Using Citation Network Features

Daniel McNamara, Paul Wong, Peter Christen and Kee Siong Ng

#8 An OLAP Server for Sensor Networks using Augmented Statistics Trees

Neil Dunstan

#12 Indirect information linkage for OSINT through authorship analysis of aliases

Robert Layton, Charles Perez, Babiga Birregah, Paul Watters and Marc Lemercier

#13 Dynamic Similarity-Aware Inverted Indexing for Real-Time Entity Resolution

Banda Ramadan, Peter Christen, Huizhi Liang, David Hawking and Ross Gayler

#14 Identifying dominant economic sectors and stock markets: A social network mining approach

Ram Babu Roy and Uttam Sarkar

#16 Ensemble Model of Artificial Neural Networks for Petroleum Reservoir Characterization

Fatai Anifowose, Jane Labadin and Abdulazeez Abdulraheem

#20 A Comparison of Visualization Data Mining Methods for Kernel Smoothing Techniques for Cox Processes with Application To Spatial Decision Support Systems

David Rohde, Ruth Huang, Jonathan Corcoran and Gentry White

#22 Real-time Television ROI Tracking using Mirrored Experimental Designs

Brendan Kitts

#26 On the Evaluation of the Homogeneous Ensembles with CV-passports

Aneesha Bakharia, Vladimir Nikulin and Tian-Hsiang Huang

#30 Parallel Sentiment Polarity Classification Method with Substring Feature Reduction

Ken Zhang and Lin Shang

#35 Identifying Authoritative and Reliable Contents in Community Question Answering with Domain Knowledge

Lifan Guo and Xiaohua Hu